So I’m sure that you’re wondering what crime is like in Montreal. If not, then I suppose you weren’t planning on building a gangster or vigilante.

Montreal is a big place, and there is certainly organised crime. Please note that I have no experience with these things. I am writing from internet research and rumours, but you can be assured that regardless of what is true, what is here is representative of our game.

The Montreal Mafia has been a force in Montreal since the 40s. They consistently have government representation and receive municipal contracts. This is why bridges sometimes collapse in Montreal. Because the Mafia skimped on concrete and took the money. They were quite destabilized in the 2000s, but seem to be growing in power again with the release of a key player from American prison.

The West End gang is a predominantly Irish gang that has similarly been around forever. They operate out of the west end including the old port, Griffintown, and the Sud-Ouest. They are not as large or as well connected as the Mafia, but they control shipping of drugs through the waterways. Montreal is somewhat unique in that its organised crime syndicates are known to work together. The West End gang, the Mafia, and the Hell’s Angels organize large drug smuggling operations.

The Hell’s Angels control many bars and clubs in addition to drugs. They have a large representation in Montreal as everywhere. Most of the drugs in the city are controlled by the Hell’s Angels.

The Rock Machine is another biker gang in Montreal. For a time they had to join the Bonitos, one of the Hell’s Angels’ prime rivals. In 1994 there was the Quebec Biker War where many bikers and innocent bystanders were killed by both sides.

There are also smaller street gangs throughout the city. Their actions aren’t noticeable most days, but this is the World of Darkness and sometimes violence bursts out. Gangs may be formed for many reasons including neighbourhood boundaries, racial groups, or even sexuality, as there is a gang of gay men that work out of the Village. There are also some efforts by at least one of the Triads, but they have not tried any grand activities that would draw the ire of the established mobs.

There’s a police commission that targets street gangs, but is also involved with mob activities. The commission is known as the Eclipse. (No really. That’s not just some cheesy horror name I came up with).


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